About Me...

Hey Sisters!

I'm Nikki and I am Thrifted Sister Vintage. I have a strong passion for my little company and thank my lucky stars every day that I'm living my best life. 

I am a mom to 3 boys ( actually 2 boys and 1 man). They are 19,17 and 14. They are the most important aspect of my life and come before everything . I really love being a mom and secretly look forward to my grandma days. 

I'm a wife to the most amazing man. He is my lover, bestie and business partner. I could not do this incredible crazy life without him.

I just turned 40 and I'm very proud of my age. I've seen sunlight and struggle and everything in between.

I'm also a dog mama to Penny Lane, Hans and Broly. I'm a river girl and recently bought a vintage pop up camper ready for some crazy fun road trips! I have a gypsy soul with a hippie heart. I'm very inspired by music, fashion and food. I am a Latina, proudly Mexican, Puerto Rican and Portuguese. I love love love to cook for my family and friends and I also love to eat. 

People often ask about our company name and honestly it comes from my joy of thrifting. It's not a hobby it's seriously my lifestyle. Financially I don't have to thrift I do it because I love it. I love the hunt, the find, the story and of course the idea of giving something a new life. I love to imagine the story behind an amazing vintage outfit or piece of furniture.  

Given the choice to go out or stay in, I'll choose to stay in 95% of the time. I love to throw on a vintage kaftan and have my friends over for music and champagne by the fire.  If its hot out you'll catch me by poolside sipping on a yummy cocktail and snacking on chips and guacamole!

Palm Springs, Joshua Tree and Lake Havasu are my fave local spots and if I'm jumping on a plane fly me straight to Sayulita. 

About Thrifted Sister Vintage...

We appreciate that you have considered us for your special day and and we're honored to assist in bringing your vision to life.

We love all types of events- from showers, to parties, anniversaries and finally our favorite weddings.

It's such an amazing feeling to connect with so many amazing couples and clients. While working together, whether its for rentals or planning, we hope to provide you with a sense of calm and ease allowing you to fully enjoy your event without the stress and fuss.

If we had to describe our style in one word it would have to be Eclectic. We are inspired by music, movies, fashion and people. We are not tied to a specific era or style and enjoy adding pieces that just "speak to us" to our inventory.

We're drawn to the client that's a little weird, quirky or funky because aren't we all?




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